Maverick Crunch is SO Far...

Dario, psm, solar(敬称略)と話した.
[Same topic via #gentoo-embedded.
Today, I had talked with Dario, psm, solar.]

Dario は GNU gcc + uClibc で Maverick Crunch を
[Dario would correct implement Maverick Crunch
by using GNU gcc + uClibc.]
11/29 20:18:53 Dario
Hello everybody :)
11/29 20:19:22 hiyuh
hey, Dario ;)
11/29 20:22:59 Dario
When compiling a stage2 gcc for my own toolchain I have an error
11/29 20:23:10 Dario
in gcc/libstdc++-v3/configure
11/29 20:23:18 Dario
Here is the config.log file:
11/29 20:23:25 Dario
11/29 20:24:05 Dario
The error log starts at line 174
11/29 20:25:38 Dario
I think this is due to a wrong uclibc installation, right?
11/29 20:26:01 Dario
But I would like to know what I did wrong...
11/29 20:27:15 hiyuh
Dario: hum, isnt it one of headers problems, afaik.
11/29 20:29:14 Dario
In fact it's not a "header xxx not found" error
11/29 20:30:01 Dario
like I had expected it to be
11/29 20:30:55 Dario
Mmm.. I need psm. He certainly knows..
11/29 20:32:22 hiyuh
ya, ask psm more than me. its better. :(
GNU gcc 内部に詳しい psm の登場待ち.
[So, we are patient til psm comes back.]

そこに solar が興味深い情報を提供してくれた. :)
[When, solar suggests to us his exp. :)]
11/29 20:32:34 solar
libstdc++-v3 never worked on any uclibc install afaik
11/29 20:33:04 hiyuh
it needs uclibc++?
11/29 20:33:21 Dario
So a failed configure is ok?
11/29 20:33:46 solar
whatever depends on it. try to remove the dep.
11/29 20:33:59 solar
libstdc++-v3 is a hack anyway for bin compat with older gcc
11/29 20:34:14 solar
a stop gap ebuild more or less
11/29 20:36:48 Dario
solar: I'm building gcc from sources, not using an ebuild
11/29 20:37:06 Dario
So is there a way to tell gcc not to build libstdc++?
11/29 20:39:30 solar
yeah skip the dep
11/29 20:39:38 solar
or merge the pkg in question with -O
11/29 20:39:50 solar
or edit the ebuild and remove the line in question
11/29 20:39:59 solar
or --inject it
11/29 20:40:16 *
Dario remembers solar he is building gcc from sources
11/29 20:40:47 solar
gentoo building with sources ?
11/29 20:40:54 solar
I think redhat does not
11/29 20:40:57 Dario
manual building with sources
11/29 20:41:00 solar
but surely not gentoo
11/29 20:41:02 solar
11/29 20:41:14 hiyuh
eh, isnt it "--enable-languages=c,c++" to "--enable-languases=c"?
11/29 20:41:19 solar
oh. via the non ebuild?
11/29 20:41:42 Dario
./configure blah blah blah; make; make install
11/29 20:41:46 Dario
This stuff
11/29 20:42:09 Dario
hiyuh: so I should disable c++ at all?
11/29 20:42:13 solar
I was kidding with you
11/29 20:42:20 Dario
11/29 20:42:40 solar
do you need c++ right now? if not the above is quite acceptable
11/29 20:42:54 solar
thats more or less what out USE=nocxx flag does
11/29 20:42:58 solar
11/29 20:43:04 Dario
Yes, I should compile or the system with that compiler
11/29 20:43:26 Dario
I need c++
11/29 20:44:01 Dario
I've used the same configuration options that are used by crossdev
11/29 20:44:06 Dario
with the same configuration.
11/29 20:44:25 Dario
Only that I've changed the installation paths
11/29 20:44:33 Dario
Maybe the problem is there
Darioのケースでは C++ なライブラリのサポートが必要な為,
やはり psm 待ちになった. :(
間を持たせてみた. :P
[So, in his case, it requires C++ library support.
We are re-patient till psm comes back. :(
Then, I asked a tricky question for to fill the dull time. :P]
11/29 20:55:50 hiyuh
umm, if build gcc w/ glibc for cross compiler, the cross compiler cannt
build uClibc for the target?
11/29 20:58:37 Dario
hiyuh: I think yes. To build uClibc it's enough a stage 1 gcc it doesn't
matter what libc you have IMHO
11/29 21:02:05 hiyuh
Dario: heh, thx.
11/29 21:10:56 Dario
solar, hiyuh: thanks, I've just realized that also the gcc built with crossdev
11/29 21:11:08 Dario
fails when configuring libstdc++.
11/29 21:11:36 Dario
So this should be perfectly fine :)
11/29 21:15:12 hiyuh
11/29 21:20:03 solar
if you say so.
11/29 21:20:06 solar
good luck.
11/29 21:32:11 Dario
solar: yes, the errors in configure are the same but libstdcc++ gets
built anyway
で,psm 登場.
そして,上手い説明,凄い! :o
[Yeah, psm comes back.
And his suggestion is always cool! :o]
11/29 23:58:53 psm
Dario: lines 302 and 392 are your troubles probably, it seems that your build
env mixed glibc/uclibc libs
11/30 00:00:35 hiyuh
psm: heh, lib mix? header mix?
11/30 00:00:58 psm
lib mix
11/30 00:01:33 psm
header could be too, that DSO failure means very bad things are happening,
11/30 00:02:02 *
hiyuh is gazig the log...
11/30 00:03:11 Dario
psm: I'm compiling gcc with --with-sysroot= pointing to a directory
11/30 00:03:21 Dario
where only the uclibc libraries are present
11/30 00:03:53 Dario
Could this be a problem?
11/30 00:06:27 hiyuh
Dario: but the compiler (which use for to build the cross compiler) might search
its own headers(which is out side of sysroot)?
11/30 00:06:59 Dario
More probably those DSO failure could be caused by my gcc hacks..
11/30 00:07:03 psm
Dario: if you want to reinvent wheel, do it, else for a cross-compiler
use crossdev
11/30 00:07:33 Dario
psm: you know, I'm in big troubles since I've got to modify gcc for my needs :-(
11/30 00:07:45 Dario
There is nothing that works out of the box for me ...
11/30 00:08:14 psm
why ?
11/30 00:08:55 Dario
Becouse of that Maverick crunch coprocessor
11/30 00:09:03 Dario
which has bugged support in gcc 4.0
11/30 00:09:24 Dario
And has an incompatible ABI with standard arm processors, since it uses
11/30 00:09:36 Dario
floating point registers to pass variables to functions
11/30 00:10:04 hiyuh
umm, Maverick crunch is so far...
11/30 00:11:07 Dario
It's a DISASTER \o/
11/30 00:12:16 psm
Dario: what about trying then to use softfloat instead ?
11/30 00:12:52 Dario
psm: Yes, I know.. But I've got to deal with multimedia applications
11/30 00:13:12 Dario
and it's really a pity not to use the coprocessor which has been
11/30 00:13:36 Dario
put for those pourposes
11/30 00:14:11 Dario
I don't know... I'm looking at the code...
11/30 00:14:13 hiyuh
this feature in chip but not available... too sad...
11/30 00:14:34 Dario
Maybe I'll be able to correct this..
11/30 00:14:43 Dario
Maybe not, who knows..
11/30 00:15:14 psm
I would patch within gentoo what changes you need for gcc/binutils ...,
but use crossdev finally, else you can fail at too many places
11/30 00:15:29 psm
don't leave tested ground where you are not forced to
11/30 00:16:01 Dario
psm: ok, thanks for the tip
11/30 00:16:23 Dario
Up to now I've got a script which configures gcc exactly in the way
11/30 00:16:28 Dario
crossdev does
11/30 00:17:04 Dario
Actually it builds binutils, gcc, uclibc (patched), gcc stage2
11/30 00:21:01 hiyuh
Dario: btw, the chip you have is *just* ep9312? i have ep9315.
11/30 00:22:02 hiyuh
i know ep9315 has maverick, but is it lib compat?
11/30 00:22:33 Dario
hiyuh: I have an ep 9315 as well. From a instruction set point of view these
are equivalent.
11/30 00:24:00 hiyuh
Dario: heh, you are my guru, i hope you correct this implement!
11/30 00:24:31 Dario
hiyuh: If I'm your guru, then good luck to you! :)
11/30 00:24:42 hiyuh
こっちは滅茶苦茶に期待していますよ,先生! :)
[Yup, I really hope my guru do it! :)]

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