FixBug(&eFTE); /* WRT X11 hints */

最近、仕事でモニョモニョしているhg repoをcloneするのがダルくなってきたので、
していたら、*.origなヤツがいつの間にか消えてハイパー萎えた。 :(
[Hmm, I now really regret what I didn't clone my bloated hg repo at
that time. So, I did revert a modified source file, this means it was
implicitly backed up w/ .orig suffix. But *.orig is gone accidentally,

[BTW, I poked app-editors/efte.]
  • ビルドディレクトリで実行出来ないのはコンフィグファイルの所為で1.0で直る予定。
    [It couldn't exec at build dir is a known issue for 1.0.]
  • efte.desktopにテキトーな日本語訳を追加した。
    [Added my stupid japanese translation into efte.desktop.]
  • 日本語は入力出来るけどUTF-8に対応してないので文字化けする。
    [It can be input Japanese, but isn't capable of UTF-8, so multibyte character will be garbled ATM, but is planned.]
  • キーボード入力がバグってたのはX11 hintsの問題で、svn trunkでは直ってる。
    [A bug WRT keyboard input is caused by wrong X11 hints, these are fixed in svn trunk.]
[The following is t3h log on #efte.]
03/06 21:17:54 hiyuh
03/06 21:18:11 Bushmills
hi hiyuh
03/06 21:18:14 hiyuh
efte can not run its build dir?
03/06 21:18:18 hiyuh
just running ./src/efte in build dir here, but it vomits error about
missing mymain.fte.
03/06 21:18:20 Bushmills
oheio goseimas
03/06 21:18:53 Bushmills
hm... should be a one liner, in the config dir. what version do
you run?
03/06 21:19:13 hiyuh
just pulled from svn repos. :)
03/06 21:19:30 Bushmills
ok. i'd suggest to hand-make the missing file:
03/06 21:19:42 Bushmills
create a directory .efte in your home dir ..
03/06 21:20:05 hiyuh
and btw, it's about 21:20 in japan. so I'd have to say "konbanwa" :)
03/06 21:20:05 Bushmills
and in there, create a file which contains:
03/06 21:20:12 Bushmills
include "systemmain.fte";
03/06 21:20:23 Bushmills
sorry, my bad. konbanwa
03/06 21:20:31 hiyuh
no problem
03/06 21:21:03 Bushmills
that mymain.fte in .efte can serve as base for your personal
03/06 21:21:43 Bushmills
a copy of it was supposed to be in ~/efte/config
03/06 21:21:52 hiyuh
03/06 21:24:30 Bushmills
running efte with optionss -v or -v -v should show the files
it includes, or attempts to.
03/06 21:24:44 Bushmills
on std err
03/06 21:25:43 Bushmills
running efte with -v or -v -v from an xterm is probably maybe
the easiest way to see that output
03/06 21:26:33 hiyuh
03/06 21:26:48 hiyuh
oh, ITJUSTWORKS(tm) :)
03/06 21:27:25 Bushmills
sound good. what OS, what CPU is that?
03/06 21:28:39 Bushmills
you may like the new script language, it incorporates a bit of
japanese grammar :)
03/06 21:28:58 hiyuh
Gentoo Linux/PowerPC, Apple PowerBook 12' last model.
03/06 21:30:08 Bushmills
03/06 21:31:11 Bushmills
can you look into your svn dirs of efte, especially in efte/config,
whether you can see a mymain.fte in there?
03/06 21:33:31 hiyuh
yup, it has 'include "systemmain.fte";', others are #-prefixed.
03/06 21:34:11 Bushmills
hm .. efte should have found and used that one, when not finding
your local .efte/ ... versiin.
03/06 21:34:13 Bushmills
03/06 21:35:00 Bushmills
japanese grammar uses a lot of noun verb structures?
03/06 21:35:07 Bushmills
cake eat?
03/06 21:35:43 hiyuh
03/06 21:35:46 hiyuh
03/06 21:37:00 Bushmills
object ... action structures seem to be common in japanese language?
03/06 21:37:59 Bushmills
"cake have not if cake eat not then"
03/06 21:56:35 Bushmills
that's what new efte script language incorporates too
03/06 22:06:27 hiyuh
hmm, I'm not sure what you mean though. could you mind to input
sentence as engrish to me? then I can translate it to japanese and
japanese-order words.
03/06 22:06:42 hiyuh

03/06 22:11:58 ln-
hello hiyuh
03/06 22:12:13 hiyuh
hi ln- :)
03/06 22:12:52 ln-
would you like to help all japanese eFTE-on-linux users and translate
the following two menu item descriptions into japanese:
03/06 22:12:55 ln-
GenericName=Text Editor
03/06 22:12:57 ln-
Comment=Fast, extendable programmers' text editor
03/06 22:13:09 ln-
they can also be found in packaging/shared/efte.desktop on svn.
03/06 22:13:27 hiyuh
03/06 22:16:50 hiyuh
hmm, "fast" is fuzzy word to me. :)
03/06 22:18:48 ln-
fast, quick, light, ...
03/06 22:26:16 hiyuh
03/06 22:31:34 ln-
great, thanks.
03/06 22:32:16 CIA-39
efte: lanurmi * r905 /trunk/packaging/shared/efte.desktop: Added
Japanese translation (thanks to hiyuh).
03/06 22:32:48 hiyuh
nice :)
03/06 22:40:42 ln-
so is (e)FTE usable at all for writing Japanese? (due to charset
03/06 22:54:19 hiyuh
omg, nefte can be input japanese but it becomes garbled charcter. any
setting is required for utf-8 or unicode env?
03/06 22:56:51 Bushmills
not yet, but addition is planned

03/06 22:57:46 jeremy_c
gm all.
03/06 22:57:53 hiyuh
and omg again, efte (not nefte) doesn't response any keyboard input
on wmii which is my favorite wm.
03/06 22:58:31 jeremy_c
hiyuh: really? I've used wmii before (using awesome right now). I'll
check it out.
03/06 22:59:27 jeremy_c
hiyuh: do you get any load errors/warnings? Maybe a config file is
not found? We have been doing *heavy* work on the config system,
it's possible that if not found, it loads w/an empty config, thus,
no keys are mapped to any action.
03/06 23:01:07 Bushmills
gm jeremy_c
03/06 23:03:12 jeremy_c
hiyuh: hm, I just read back, and yes, that is a current problem
w/eFTE and one reason it's not 1.0 yet. It should run from it's
build directory. However, it searches in common locations. The
quickest solution to fix your keyboard problem, config problems,
etc... is do to:
03/06 23:03:22 jeremy_c
mkdir /usr/local/share/efte
03/06 23:03:36 jeremy_c
ln -s ~/path/to/efte/config /usr/local/share/efte/config
03/06 23:04:26 jeremy_c
if you do that, efte will begin responding correctly. Just finding
a mymain is not quite enough, it needs to find the other files such
as the key mapping, menu and mode setup. Can you please give that
a try and I'll bet it starts responding in wmii.
03/06 23:11:04 jeremy_c
hiyuh: also, out of curiosity, how did you find efte? we are pretty
new and curious how people find us.
03/06 23:13:08 hiyuh
hmm, made symlink as you said. but it doesn't response too. :(
03/06 23:13:25 hiyuh
and I found efte at portage tree.
03/06 23:14:29 jeremy_c
hm, that's not making sense. I *really* appriciate you coming here
and reporting this problem.
03/06 23:14:54 jeremy_c
can you do efte -v and paste the results to rafb.net/paste ?
03/06 23:15:01 hiyuh
03/06 23:17:00 hiyuh
03/06 23:18:09 jeremy_c
well, it found all the config scripts, so that's not the problem.
03/06 23:20:01 jeremy_c
Ok, and just checked out the latest efte also from svn (was sleeping
and not caught up on Bushmills changes). Let me install wmii.

03/06 23:22:38 Bushmills
always when i break it, jeremy_c has to fix it again :)
03/06 23:22:54 hiyuh
jeremy_c: efte can only response by mouse input.
03/06 23:23:01 hiyuh
Bushmills: lolz
03/06 23:23:21 jeremy_c
hiyuh: hm, working fine here in this wmii. this is very strange.
03/06 23:23:52 jeremy_c
hiyuh: how do I get a new xterm in wmii?
03/06 23:25:10 jeremy_c
Ok, it would take a bit of getting use to again, but I got a new
xterm. I do not seem to be seeing any problem while running in wmii.
03/06 23:25:50 hiyuh
jeremy_c: $MODKEY-Retern, my $MODKEY is Mod4 (Apple key), default
is Mod1 (Alt) as you know.
03/06 23:27:35 hiyuh
and FYI I'm using wmii of hg tip (2292).
03/06 23:28:07 jeremy_c
I just did a pacman -S wmii, it installed 3.6
03/06 23:28:25 jeremy_c
does it support multihead?
03/06 23:28:46 jeremy_c
right now all my windows are vertically split stretched across
two monitors.
03/06 23:29:14 jeremy_c
03/06 23:32:00 jeremy_c
ah, now I remember why I did not continue using wmii, it does not
right now, seems it is going to be added in v4. However, that's
secondary problem, right now, why does eFTE not respond to key
03/06 23:33:13 Bushmills
i wonder whether that problem is wmii related. maybe try to run it
just from an xterm, no wm at all.
03/06 23:33:33 Bushmills
startx $(which xterm) -- :1
03/06 23:33:58 Bushmills
might work from within X, starting a new X server
03/06 23:34:01 jeremy_c
Bushmills: I was just in wmii and had no problems, however, it was
not the dev edition, but I can't see what wmii would be doing to cause
efte not to work, but other apps to. this is truely a weird situation.
03/06 23:35:16 jeremy_c
hiyuh: but it would give us another thing to eliminate if you could
do that.
03/06 23:35:18 Bushmills
but before efte accepted chars. UTF input, but not outputting well,
of course
03/06 23:36:51 hiyuh
k, I'll try on twm. :p
03/06 23:39:47 jeremy_c
hiyuh: thanks for giving this a go, sorry your having problems.
03/06 23:41:02 hiyuh
jeremy_c: no problem. twm is emerged just now. I'll test it at
home, bbl.

03/07 00:10:58 jeremy_c
hiyuh: wb.
03/07 00:11:21 hiyuh
03/07 00:13:07 hiyuh
zomg, efte works fine on twm
03/07 00:13:30 jeremy_c
ok... I think I may have found the problem. I was in #wmii talking.
03/07 00:13:44 jeremy_c
Let me make a change to eFTE and see if that fixes your problem, OK?
03/07 00:13:56 hiyuh
yup, do it :)
03/07 00:16:14 CIA-39
efte: jeremy_c * r906 /trunk/src/con_x11.cpp: Set InputHint in
X11 version
03/07 00:16:35 jeremy_c
give svn up and give it a go again. Be sure to svn up in the root
efte dir.
03/07 00:17:18 hiyuh
03/07 00:18:05 hiyuh

03/07 00:20:05 jeremy_c
any luck?
03/07 00:20:39 hiyuh
yup, ITJUSTWORKS(tm) :)
03/07 00:20:59 jeremy_c
03/07 00:21:31 jeremy_c
we will get the problem of not being able to run it from the source
tree fixed soon.
03/07 00:22:42 hiyuh
03/07 00:22:54 jeremy_c
hiyuh: the docs on configuration are a bit out of date... we've
been heavily modifying the scripting/configuration and have not been
able to keep up w/every change on the wiki. Before we release 1.0,
we will update the docs.
03/07 00:38:51 CIA-39
efte: jeremy_c * r907 /trunk/src/con_x11.cpp: Another minor fix to
the X11 state hints
03/07 00:42:57 CIA-39
efte: jeremy_c * r908 /trunk/src/con_x11.cpp: Ok, this is the last
WM_HINTS patch, really.
03/07 00:43:07 jeremy_c
hiyuh: I'm sorry, my quick fix wasn't quite complete, can I bug you
to svn up and try again and see if it still works as expected?
03/07 00:46:48 *
hiyuh does svn up
03/07 00:53:48 hiyuh
jeremy_c: works fine too. :)
03/07 00:53:59 jeremy_c
hiyuh: great. thanks for your help w/that bug.
03/07 00:54:30 hiyuh
jeremy_c: yw


FXT.karma++; /* but C++ */

モニョモニョしてたらみつけた、正統派低レベルプログラミング in C++っぽい。
ソースコードが付属しているのと他の論文へのハイパーリンクがすげーのってるが良い。 :)
[Hmm, I found nice one. Sound like "t3h low-level programing in C++".
There is bundled source code and ton of link to other paper, *NOM* :)]
the fxtbook


GentooJP.NomiKai++; /* OSC 2008 Spring */

今日はOSC2008 Springでした。以下、メモっぽいもの。
  • 会社で徹夜した所為か電車の時間を間違えた。
  • 展示の場所に行くと、もうmatsuuさんが来てた。
  • nabekenさんが来て一緒にネットワークの設定をムニャムニャしている間に、Kojimaさんとidaniさんも合流。前日、IRCでshindoさんは「仕事が忙しいので行けない」と言っていた、残念。 :(
  • 「何気に隣は日本KDEじゃん」と気付くが時既に遅し。 :P
  • matsuuさんの営業にチョッカイを出しつつ、wmii on ~ppc/Gentooを放置プレイ展示。
  • trombikさんが来て、idaniさん特製の2008.0 pre-release by catalystな生タイルLiveTileなCDを一枚奪って「これから仕事だ」とか言い残して去って行った。さすが流しの管理者。 :p
  • 昼飯はカレー屋、オヤジさんが「*はもう終わっちゃったんですよー」とか言うので「じゃあ、何があるんだよ!」とプチ逆ギレした。反省はしてない。 :p
  • 昼飯から帰ってくると、「ppcにGentooを入れたい」と言っていた人が来てたとidaniさんに言われたけど、その人は行方不明に。 :p
  • 昼飯後組(?)と交代して展示をやった。
  • nabekenさんが頑張ってawesomeを布教していたので、隣で再びサボる見守る。 :p
  • 残念な事に二回ほどバトン(?)が回ってきて、wmiiの説明をした。
  • 一回目は簡単な操作とタグによる異なるヴューでの同一のクライアントの共有から例のプロパガンダまで。
  • 二回目はIceWMを使っていると言う人と話がかみ合わなくてダルくなったので、「そのまんまWIMPyなIceWM使ってれば?」とプチ逆ギレした。反省はしてない。 :p
  • 懇親会まで時間があったので、懇親会の場所の近くのローレルとか言う喫茶店(?)でケーキセットを喰いながら、matsuuさんとnabekenさんがidaniさんのemobileをイジっているのを見てた。
  • 懇親会は蝶混雑していたので、食い物の奪い合いが素晴らしく(?)激しかった。
  • 窓際の立ち食いスタイルの場所に陣取り、nabekenさんがいつの間にか買ってきてたHUBを共有させてもらって、I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGERやらlamdacatsを見つつ、テキトーにダベってた。
  • 結局、懇親会ではずーっと立ちっぱなしで、ビミョーに疲れたので何話してたか良く覚えてない。 :p
  • 帰りの新宿駅でnabekenさんにauの携帯電話による電車時刻の検索を教えてもらった。「つーか、ソラでショートカットの数字覚えているとかすごくね?」とプチビビったのは秘密だ。 :P
と言う訳で、何か忘れている事もあるかもしれないけど、とりあえず皆さんお疲れ様でした。 :)
今日は疲れたのでEng'r'ishは無しな!!1 :P

MeasureSLOC(&B2); /* fork(3p) */

今日はOSC2008なのだが、ボスが新しいブツを試したいと言うのでヨナベ(?)してB2なVHDLを論理合成してた。おかげで徹夜になるが別に何ともないぜ!!1 :p
[Today is t3h OSC. But my boss said "plz synthesize your B2, k?" So I did. Yes, REAL MAN DOESN'T SLEEP!!1 :p]

で、PCが蝶頑張って論理合成している間にまたも無意味にSLOCをグラフ化。SISOとMIMOで共通のマクロを使いつつ、別のレポジトリで管理してforward mergeしてるから、いい感じにfork(3p)してる。 :)
[While synthesizing my junk code, I make t3h SLOC graph again. It shows me nice fork(3p) image b/c I managed shared macros, separated 2 repos for SISO and MIMO. And doing forward merge the former to latter ATM. :)]

omg - a command for EVERYTHING(tm)

[At #-bugs,]
02/29 21:43:04 jeeves
[New Bug] https://bugs.gentoo.org/211886 min, P2, All,
wasti.redl.gmx.net.bug-wranglers.gentoo.org, NEW, pending,
mail-mta/ssmtp depends on virtual/libc (Reassign bug to net-mail ?)
02/29 21:46:18 hiyuh
02/29 22:05:00 drac
err wtf bug 211861
02/29 22:05:04 jeeves
drac: https://bugs.gentoo.org/211861 nor, P2, All,
wuno.lsvw.de.xfce.gentoo.org, NEW, pending, [fPIC]
xfce-base/xfdesktop-4.4.2-r1 fails to compile on amd64
02/29 22:05:19 drac
WFM on stable and ~arch.. I wonder how the user managed to bork it
02/29 22:08:17 drac
ah ccache prolly
02/29 22:45:12 hiyuh
hmm, LDFLAGS="-Wl,-O1 -Wl,--sort-common -Wl,--as-needed"
03/01 00:32:41 Betelgeuse
hiyuh: two of those are valid
03/01 00:32:47 Betelgeuse
hiyuh: don't know about sort-common
03/01 00:35:29 Betelgeuse
hiyuh: seems harmless
03/01 00:47:07 yngwin
Betelgeuse: i thought sort-common was enabled by default on gentoo
03/01 00:47:22 Betelgeuse
yngwin: dunno
03/01 01:25:24 hiyuh
gcc -v help 2>&1 | grep -e '--sort-common'
03/01 01:25:55 hiyuh
Sort common symbols by size
03/01 01:29:02 hiyuh
omg s/help/--help/
03/01 01:29:17 bonsaikitten
I thought it was called sed
03/01 01:29:24 bonsaikitten
but omg sounds like a great command too ;)
03/01 01:29:57 hiyuh
yup, it works well for EVERYTHING(tm)
03/01 01:30:15 bonsaikitten
omg --wtf zomg
03/01 01:30:30 cla
omg --wtf bonsaikitten
03/01 01:30:31 cla
03/01 01:30:45 hiyuh
omg --lol rofl
03/01 01:30:58 cla
lol --help hiyuh
何て便利なんだ!!1 :DDD
[omg --rly-useful :DDD]