pull(&overlay, &nouveau);

[At #gentoo-bugs,]
04/19 06:48:07 jeeves
[New Bug] https://bugs.gentoo.org/218337 min, P2, x86,
cfchris6.yahoo.de.bug.wranglers.g.o, NEW, pending,
x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers-169.09-r1 | unmerge does not remove
nvidia.ko (Reassign bug to cardoe.g.o ?)
04/19 06:48:52 Caster
04/19 06:51:55 hiyuh
it's t3h proof: once you've emerged t3h blob, you cannot unmerge
t3h blob anymore.
04/19 06:51:58 *
hiyuh runz
04/19 06:52:36 *
cla laughz atz hiyuhz
~ppcなのでbinary blobも何もない訳だが、久しぶりにnouveauでriceしてみる。
未だ__ucmpdi2なmissing symbolが直ってないので手始めに#nouevauでmaintainerを叩く。 :p
[I'm on ~ppc, so there is no binary blobs sadly.
Then I'll do ricing w/ nouveau. nouveau DRM still have t3h issue WRT missing __ucmpdi2 symbol. So I'd had to poke overlay maintainers at #nouveau. :p]
04/19 20:46:22 hiyuh
who is maintainer of nouveau overlay for gentoo now?
04/19 20:47:05 pq
I am, and stillunknown, depending on your definition of "maintain"
04/19 20:47:49 pq
no, gallium support is not coming until it becomes worth testing ;-)
04/19 20:48:00 hiyuh
then could you mind to consider to add __ucmpdi2 patch for x11-drm
on ppc32?
04/19 20:48:26 pq
that's still unsolved? sheesh
04/19 20:48:38 hiyuh
04/19 20:49:05 hiyuh
04/19 20:49:19 pq
do you have a patch for the ebuild at hand?
04/19 20:51:35 hiyuh
I just added renamed (to apply only for ppc) marchesin's ucmpdi2.diff
to x11-base/x11-drm/files/patch dir. it seems to work.
04/19 20:52:26 pq
yeah, I'm just thinking that when/if it gets properly fixed, the
ebuild starts to fail
04/19 20:53:40 pq
ok, let's take a look, and deal with failing when it happens
04/19 20:53:49 hiyuh
04/19 20:54:08 pq
don't go away, you soon have to test it :-)
04/19 20:54:47 hiyuh
lol :)
04/19 21:02:41 pq
hiyuh, committed, please test
04/19 21:02:53 marcheu
maybe it should just go into drm
04/19 21:03:03 pq
too late!
04/19 21:03:06 marcheu
I mean, if the ppc guys don't want the fix, we still want it anyway
04/19 21:03:14 marcheu
there's not only gentoo in the world :)
04/19 21:03:34 pq
orly?! :-P
04/19 21:04:06 hiyuh
04/19 21:08:16 hiyuh
nooes :)
04/19 21:08:21 hiyuh
plz rename "003_ppc_ucmpdi-nouveau.patch"?
04/19 21:08:23 hiyuh
it won't work w/ "-PPC-"
04/19 21:08:50 pq
hunh? is that again some l33t G-feature?
04/19 21:09:11 hiyuh
04/19 21:10:50 pq
omg, it's braindead
04/19 21:10:54 hiyuh
or, that patch is already w/ ifdef-ed. so using "_all_" to apply
all should not be problem, I guess though. :p
04/19 21:10:56 pq
erm, I mean intelligent
04/19 21:12:25 pq
so, arch is ppc and not pcc32?
04/19 21:12:35 pq
gah, ppc32
04/19 21:13:17 hiyuh
ppc is "ppc", ppc64 is "ppc64" for now, IIRC.
04/19 21:15:55 pq
hiyuh, ok, committed. How about now?
04/19 21:17:05 hiyuh
hmm, it works. :)
04/19 21:20:44 hiyuh
ok, there is no missing symbols, so time to break my X. :p
04/19 21:21:21 hiyuh

04/19 21:28:01 hiyuh
hmm, it works. :)
04/19 21:28:25 pq
04/19 21:31:15 hiyuh
FYI, http://dev.gentoo.gr.jp/~hiyuh/misc/Xorg.0.log
04/19 21:31:57 hiyuh
:DDD (EE) AIGLX error: dlopen of /usr/lib/dri/nouveau_dri.so
failed (/usr/lib/dri/nouveau_dri.so: cannot open shared object file:
No such file or directory)
04/19 21:31:57 hiyuh
(EE) AIGLX: reverting to software rendering
Gallium 3Dじゃないとsoftware renderingにfallbackするみたいだけど、ITJUSRWORKS(tm)。
x11-drivers/xf86-video-nvだとXAAでしか動かなかったけど、x11-drivers/xf86-video-nouveauだとEXAが使えるみたいなので乗り換えておく。 :D
[ATM, w/o Gallium 3D, it will fallback to software rendering, but ITJUSTWORKS(tm).
IIRC, on my PowerBook 12", x11-drivers/xf86-video-nv can only use XAA, but this x11-drivers/xf86-video-nouveau will use EXA by deefault, so I prefer this! :D]