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[Then, I saw a man sacrifices for uClibc...]

11/28 06:16:34 zmedico
I built a i386-pc-linux-uclibc toolchain with crossdev and when I emerge dropbear
with ROOT=/somedir dies during configure because it can't find zlib. If I add
LDFLAGS="-L${ROOT}/lib" and CFLAGS="${CFLAGS} -I${ROOT}/usr/include" to the
ebuild then it works but should that be necessary?
11/28 06:22:26 zmedico
I know that ROOT= isn't allways well supported but I just looking for pointers...
11/28 06:28:48 hiyuh
zmedico: umm, check your --host and --build option when configuration library for
your taregt, or ${CC} and ${CXX} also
11/28 06:32:20 hiyuh
NON-PREFIXed executable commands (like ${CC} as "gcc") generates architecture
specific object is VERY harmful...
11/28 06:32:21 zmedico
hiyuh: thanks, I'm pretty sure --host and --build were set properly in econf by
CHOST and CBUILD but let me check on the CC and CXX too...
11/28 06:32:55 zmedico
11/28 06:37:26 hiyuh
and check portage's FEATURES variable. if it contain sandbox or usersandbox,
remove it then cross re-emerging
11/28 06:37:45 zmedico
11/28 06:45:42 hiyuh
but i use crossdev+distcc+nfs tricks for my almost embedded stuff. i haven't used
ROOT+crossdev tricks for all embedded stuff.
11/28 06:46:42 *
hiyuh is a embedded newbie, dont trust him. :P
11/28 06:47:06 zmedico
ahh, so what I'm trying hasn't actually worked for you ;)
11/28 06:47:32 zmedico
config.log says CC='i386-pc-linux-uclibc-gcc'
11/28 06:51:28 hiyuh
mm, what did config.log said for your error? just zlib not found?
11/28 06:52:12 zmedico
cannot find -lz
11/28 06:53:24 *
zmedico suspects that many ebuilds are broken with respect to ROOT=/somedir
cross compilation...

で,Dario さんが少し助けてくれた.
[And then, Dario makes a bit of to help.]

11/28 06:54:05 Dario
zmedico: there are lots of ebuilds that don't compile with the ROOT cross
compilation trick
11/28 06:54:27 Dario
Or at least this is my personal experience...
11/28 06:54:55 Dario
Some of them are nearly impossible to cross-compile,
11/28 06:55:18 Dario
since, like xorg, use a particular build system
11/28 06:55:36 hiyuh
zmedico: mm, just execute "i386-pc-linux-eclibc -v", its output lack of
11/28 06:56:01 hiyuh
hi, Dario
11/28 06:56:13 Dario
hi hiyuh :)
11/28 06:57:22 Dario
zmedico: so prepare to tweak these variables very often :-)
11/28 07:00:29 *
hiyuh is making powerpc's faketoo on x86_64 server for fighting some horibble
beast's library
11/28 07:00:33 zmedico
Dario: thanks for the info. Do you normally just tweak the ebuilds then? If so,
do ebuild maintainers typically accept patches to fix this kind of thing?
11/28 07:02:57 Dario
zmedico: sometimes tweaking the ebuilds isn't worth it, imho. Better compiling
11/28 07:03:33 Dario
But in some situations compiling natively becomes too time consuming and I try
11/28 07:04:02 Dario
to make crossdev work with that package..
11/28 07:04:27 hiyuh
zmedico: one more info, some vanilla security related stuff is severe test when
configure and/or install, i remember
11/28 07:04:59 hiyuh
it is harmfull when cross compiling...
11/28 07:05:00 Dario
I've spent lots of time on cross-compilation issues, but I don't feel to have all
the answers, sorry
11/28 07:06:13 Dario
In this channel there are people who know this stuff much more than me.
11/28 07:06:46 zmedico
well, thanks anyways ;)
11/28 07:06:55 hiyuh
ya, more than me.

[But, this problem cold not solve, how shame. :(]

その後,少しGNU GCCについての話になるが...
[After, I have talked a bit of about GNU GCC...]

11/28 07:07:32 *
hiyuh wants to more hack power...
11/28 07:08:25 *
Dario needs more hack power, which is worse ;-P
11/28 07:10:41 *
Dario also needs knowledge of gcc internals for the arm platforms, since the
processor he has to use isn't supported properly
11/28 07:12:43 hiyuh
yap, some usefull apps have huge code size. so it is too complex to understand.
11/28 07:15:02 Dario
hiyuh: It's not that it's a so huge code size, It's that gcc is all about macros.
And you have to know them otherwise you don't understand what the hell the code
11/28 07:16:52 hiyuh
11/28 07:21:47 hiyuh
when i heve seen the gcc code is just when some problem happend. and that i have
only seen almost configuration related files. :(
11/28 07:38:49 Dario
hiyuh: when someone ends up looking at the gcc code, then something bad is going
11/28 07:42:58 hiyuh
Dario: ya, i know that's we are :(

[Well, It's just NOT funny for us. :(]

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