A Episode from #gentoo-ppc

#gentoo-ppc での或る出来事.
長いから. :P
[There is a episode from #gentoo-ppc.
Meantime, I didn't translate to Japanese this IRC logs.
It's a bit of long for me. :P]
11/27 04:25:09 BearPerson
excuse me, would anyone here be willing to share some experience/advice to a fellow
source-distro developer about ppc installer CDs?
11/27 04:25:39 BearPerson
mine keep stopping to boot just before the framebuffer is initialized
11/27 04:26:10 BearPerson
strangely enough, the very same CD works on a different ppc box just fine
11/27 04:30:29 nixnut
BearPerson: no idea, have you tried a gentoo cd on both machines?
11/27 04:31:17 BearPerson
no, the one machine where it didn't work is my team lead's, we could try there,
the machine where it works was a normal user, no idea where he's off to
11/27 04:31:43 BearPerson
also, an ISO with 2.6.12 kernel booted, while one with 2.6.13 didn't
11/27 04:36:14 BearPerson
but there wouldn't be some community knowledge you could share? I'm pretty new to
making ppc ISOs, and might be falling into some or other almost-obvious pitfall
11/27 04:38:26 nixnut
BearPerson: well, I don't build those things myself, just consume them when I need
to install on a new maching. I think JoseJX and Pylon would be the people to talk
11/27 04:38:47 hansmi
All you need are the catalyst spec files (available via viewcvs) and catalyst
11/27 04:39:28 nixnut
yeah, but that's pretty gentoo centric, eh? :)
11/27 04:39:33 JoseJX
BearPerson: Is it a nvidia card?
11/27 04:39:47 hansmi
nixnut: We're in a Gentoo channel.
11/27 04:39:50 JoseJX
BearPerson: I'll bet you're having Framebuffer issues on boot
11/27 04:39:53 BearPerson
not sure...
11/27 04:39:58 BearPerson
JoseJX, yes, I am
11/27 04:40:00 nixnut
hansmi: damn! really?
11/27 04:40:12 JoseJX
BearPerson: That's almost definitely the problem then
11/27 04:40:23 BearPerson
nvidia cards not properly supported?
11/27 04:40:28 JoseJX
BearPerson: Try playing with the video= kernel append value
11/27 04:40:40 BearPerson
ah, will do, thanks
11/27 04:40:44 hansmi
video=ofonly should work on every card, but might be slow
11/27 04:40:44 JoseJX
11/27 04:42:02 BearPerson
ah, hmm... I don't even have framebuffer drivers for nvidia compiled into the
kernel... that probably is the problem :-)
11/27 04:45:15 BearPerson
video=ofonly doesn't boot properly in pearpc either, but then again, I've been told
that pearpc is near-total garbage for this kind of stuff
11/27 04:49:19 nixnut
BearPerson: yah, having an emulator emulate the OF framebuffer too might be asking
a bit too much :)
11/27 05:28:37 BearPerson
just a question, would my problems be obviously caused by missing the nvidia
framebuffer driver in the kernel config?
11/27 06:47:29 JoseJX
BearPerson: It's a common problem to not have it boot if you don't have the proper
framebuffer device, PPC requires it.
11/27 06:49:03 BearPerson
so likely the problem was just that I forgot to build all (or most) framebuffer
devices into the kernel?
11/27 06:52:04 JoseJX
BearPerson: Yeah, depends on your target, but it's best to compile in support for
as many as possible.
11/27 06:52:16 BearPerson
As I said when I came in... I'm very likely missing something dead obvious :-)
11/27 06:52:42 BearPerson
thanks a lot :-)
11/27 06:53:20 BearPerson
... and thanks for not flaming me out the door, everyone ;-)
11/27 06:53:53 BearPerson
if you ever happen to need some bash script, I'd be happy to help you :-)
11/27 06:55:10 JoseJX
BearPerson: BTW, it would probably be worth it to look through our forums, we deal
with a lot of common kernel problems because everyone compiles their own.
11/27 06:55:28 BearPerson
heh, that's true :-)
11/27 06:55:52 JoseJX
Which distro are you working on?
11/27 06:55:58 BearPerson
I've had someone on x86 today whose kernel wouldn't boot because of some built-in
RAID driver
11/27 06:56:12 BearPerson
Source Mage... /me points to cloak (or to channel list) ;-)
良いね,こう言うの. :)
[Yum, how nice. :)]
11/27 06:56:13 nixnut
BearPerson: yeah, and if you find duplicates you can point them out to me so I can
clean up :p
11/27 06:56:32 BearPerson
duplicates where?
11/27 06:56:54 nixnut
BearPerson: in the forums, duplicate posts dealing with the same problem. But just
kidding :)
11/27 06:57:00 BearPerson
11/27 06:57:45 BearPerson
we recently had to restore the last few months of our bugzilla due to a hard drive
crash... recovered from the bugzilla change notification mails... we have duplicate
messages all over the place :-/
11/27 06:58:01 nixnut
BearPerson: ouch
11/27 06:58:22 BearPerson
was probably the sickest script I ever wrote
11/27 06:58:26 JoseJX
11/27 06:58:27 nixnut
どこでも同じだなぁ. :)
[Heh, I have seen like the things . :)]

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