A Episode from #gentoo-embedded #2

ネタには困らんし. :P
[It's a interested to me like a that.
I have too many issues related its stuff. :P]

I have talked with Hali_303 about CompactFlash related issues.]
11/29 00:31:54 *
Hali_303 (n=surfk@sclauto.scl.sztaki.hu) has joined #gentoo-embedded
11/29 00:32:00 Hali_303
11/29 00:32:13 Hali_303
anyone used a compact flash as a boot medium?
11/29 00:32:50 Hali_303
when I have a compact flash in my system, during bootup the kernel halts for a
few seconds and prints dma_timer_expiry
と言う訳で,DMA の問題が起きていた様です.
 Kernel 側の自動認識に誤りが有るか,
[So, he has DMA's issues.
In this case, it cause that
 Kernel's some auto detection feature failed,
 The driver is not completely implementation,
 Just a got bad hardware....
these are in a major oder in my mind.]
11/29 00:34:42 hiyuh
Hali_303, isnt it a your target's kernel or drivers implementation issues?
11/29 00:38:33 hiyuh
Hali_303, or you *just* got bad compact flash. i know the driver works fine one,
but the driver work *not* fine another one.
11/29 00:43:33 Hali_303
hiyuh: what driver do you mean?
11/29 00:43:51 Hali_303
I have a geode GX1 target (i586 MMX compatible)
11/29 00:44:05 Hali_303
and the CF card can be accessed as a regular IDE drive
11/29 00:44:13 Hali_303
(the bios also sees it)
11/29 00:48:22 hiyuh
i mean "the driver is you selected (it might be found in kernel menu
configuration), then your target use for your cf"
11/29 00:51:23 hiyuh
storage device's driver and/or enabled dma has implementation issues sometimes,
i know
11/29 00:52:42 hiyuh
it coz driver's bug and/or to got bad device
11/29 00:53:38 hiyuh
so, havent you tried to disable dma?
I gave him some suggestions for to work around this issue to disable the DMA.]
11/29 01:07:13 Hali_303
hiyuh: according to hdparm, DMA is disabled
11/29 01:08:19 hiyuh
Hali_303: hum, its a *just* new release hardware?
11/29 01:10:29 *
hiyuh has little knowledge about geode
11/29 01:13:33 hiyuh
Hali_303: some new released hardwares have a bit of driver's issues.
sorry, its just one of generally knowledge. :(
11/29 01:15:30 Hali_303
hiyuh: it's a pretty old advantech geode board
11/29 01:16:31 hiyuh
Hali_303: can i get its spec?
11/29 01:18:45 Hali_303
11/29 01:29:25 hiyuh
Hali_303: i just got its spec. :)
11/29 01:29:29 *
hiyuh is reading the pdf.
11/29 01:31:40 hiyuh
Hali_303: the board has Ultra DMA33 interface. its a cf interface, right?
11/29 01:35:22 hiyuh
Hali_303: umm, your kernel or driver has "dma auto detect is default" feature
or so? isnt it might be failed?
で,解決しました. :)
[Mm'kay, he got a solution. :)]
11/29 02:20:06 Hali_303
hiyuh: I've got the solution
11/29 02:20:40 Hali_303
hiyuh: I had to do two things: in the kernel setup, I've enabled "multi mode by
default" and to the kernel command line, I've added hda=none hdb=none
11/29 02:20:47 Hali_303
(since the flash is hdc)
11/29 02:22:16 hiyuh
Hali_303: ah-ha, wilco.
11/29 02:23:11 hiyuh
Hali_303: have fun your embedded stuff! :)
11/29 02:24:24 Hali_303
hiyuh: thx! I've also disabled DMA to be sure, but I guess I can re-enable it,
since the previous two solved it
11/29 02:35:51 hiyuh
Hali_303: no problem, but im hungry. :P
11/29 02:35:55 *
hiyuh will go to get something to eat.
それを喰いながらこれ書いてました. :)
[After the event,
I bought a noodle and a rice ball at 7-11.
Then, I came back and post it now. :)]

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