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[A snippet log from #gentoo-dev-help.]
10/11 20:43:24 sheldonh
it looks like ebuilds in PORTDIR_OVERLAY look for FILESDIR in the
main portage tree instead of the overlay?
10/11 20:44:13 sheldonh
surely i'm wrong? it would mean overlays are effectively a fat waste
of time for all but trivial ebuilds
10/11 20:48:28 sheldonh
hmmm, good, i'm wrong
10/11 20:50:24 sheldonh
what things should i look for when epatch ${FILESDIR}/${PV} picks
up some patches but not others?
10/11 20:58:27 hiyuh
10/11 20:59:20 sheldonh
openal's src_unpack() does an epatch ${FILESDIR}/{$PV}
10/11 20:59:25 hiyuh
"man 5 ebuild" is your friend, see its env var section.
10/11 21:00:45 hiyuh
$FILESDIR is the overlay's Category/PackageName/files directory,
if its ebuild is in your overlay.
10/11 21:01:32 hiyuh
and then, ${PV} is the package's version
10/11 21:01:47 sheldonh
dude, i so understand this shit :)
10/11 21:01:59 hiyuh
k, good luck :P
10/11 21:02:05 sheldonh
the point is, i'm adding a patch and src_unpack() isn't applying it
10/11 21:03:03 sheldonh
the directory already contains 002_all_alc_context.patch,
002_all_alsa_default.patch and 003_all_mmx.patch
10/11 21:03:32 sheldonh
i'm adding 004_pkgconfig.patch (for bug #150872) and src_unpack()
isn't applying it, and isn't telling me why :)
10/11 21:03:45 sheldonh
hence the question "what things should i look for when epatch
${FILESDIR}/${PV} picks up some patches but not others?"
10/11 21:05:04 hiyuh
hmm, re-digest cann't help?
10/11 21:06:11 hiyuh
or, specify all patches explicitly is a ugly work-around way, IMHO.
10/11 21:06:33 sheldonh
sure, i could uglify it
10/11 21:07:13 sheldonh
but given how !#$%#$ long it takes devs to commit stuff as it is,
uglifying contributions isn't a great way to go
10/11 21:07:23 sheldonh
since that discourages them from commiting
10/11 21:10:40 hiyuh
sheldonh: hmm, could you mind to do pastebin/rafb your patch?
10/11 21:12:16 hiyuh
and then, your patch's suffix is really "patch" as speficied by
10/11 21:12:37 sheldonh
hiyuh: yes
10/11 21:13:24 sheldonh
hiyuh: http://phpfi.com/162471
10/11 21:16:05 sheldonh
hiyuh: and yes, the patch is in Manifest after a fresh ebuild
... digest :)
10/11 21:18:51 sheldonh
i think i might just give up, actually
10/11 21:19:05 sheldonh
it's been a long day, and i'm now pretty sure this is just portage
being stupid
10/11 21:19:36 hiyuh
ah, it should be "004_all_pkgconfig.patch".
10/11 21:21:11 sheldonh
what's the magic _all_ about?
10/11 21:23:26 sheldonh
hiyuh: ah. apparently undocumented arch-dependent patch feature
10/11 21:23:27 sheldonh
10/11 21:23:37 sheldonh
hiyuh: thanks, wouldn't have noticed, i don't think
10/11 21:23:47 hiyuh
10/11 21:24:12 hiyuh
was already documented. :p
10/11 21:24:45 sheldonh
sure, everything is documented _somewhere_
10/11 21:25:23 hiyuh
yeah, and sources will always be with you :P
10/11 21:27:41 *
sheldonh murders hiyuh
10/11 21:27:43 sheldonh
10/11 21:28:09 sheldonh
hiyuh: it's that old thing of "no documentation is better than broken
documentation" :)
10/11 21:28:45 hiyuh
うへ,殺されちった. :P
[Aww, I forgot to revive myself. :P]

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