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10/21から10/29まで夏休み(!?)になりました. :P
[K, I've done t3h thingy.
So, I'll take a week off as summer vacation(!?). :P
Then, here's my TODO in that week.]

1) 2006.1 press releaseを訳す.
2) Xynth on Armadillo-9 w/ Gentoo
3) 実家に顔を出す.
[1) Translate 2006.1 press release to Japanese.
2) Xynth on Armadillo-9 w/ Gentoo
3) Homecoming]

[We have OSC at 10/28.
So 1) is critical, 2) is major, 3) is minor.]

[At #gentoo-dev-help, marienz said sys-apps/pkgcore is.]
10/18 01:31:17 hiyuh
!rdep yacc
10/18 01:31:18 jeeves
dev-util/yacc <- app-shells/ash dev-libs/tinyq dev-util/cdecl
mail-client/etpan-ng net-p2p/gtk-gnutella sys-fs/lde
10/18 01:31:35 hiyuh
!rdep bison
10/18 01:31:38 jeeves
yikes 30 pkgs reverse rdepend on bison! Try digging around here
instead. http://tinderbox.dev.gentoo.org/misc/rindex/
10/18 01:31:48 hiyuh
10/18 01:43:28 marienz
hiyuh: what are you trying to do? pquery from pkgcore lets you do
this kind of search restricted to a category or other things (although
it's a bit slower than jeeves since it doesn't have an index for it)
10/18 01:58:50 hiyuh
marienz: I'm thinking about virtual/yacc enhancement. in portage
tree, there're some YACCs. directly depends dev-util/aycc or so may
be OK, but sys-devel/bison is mandatory for sys-devel/gcc, IIRC. and
"bison -y" == "yacc".
10/18 02:00:37 marienz
hmm, don't know enough about that to help you
10/18 02:00:50 marienz
pquery --revdep dev-util/yacc --raw should give you a list of stuff
though :)
10/18 02:01:17 hiyuh
ok, thanks :)
10/18 02:18:46 hiyuh
marienz: argh, sys-apps/pkgcore is not ~ppc keyworded, isn't it so
arch depends? :(
10/18 02:19:02 marienz
hiyuh: it's pretty new. There's an extremely good chance it will
just work.
10/18 02:19:43 hiyuh
ok, i'll try.
10/18 02:19:54 marienz
hiyuh: (if it fails it'll fail in the c bits, which are fairly well
tested if you set FEATURES=test)
10/18 02:20:31 hiyuh
10/18 02:28:13 hiyuh
marienz: looks like "IT JUST WORKS (tm)" :)
10/18 02:28:32 marienz
hiyuh: yay, guess I should find a ppc arch team member at some point
to add that keyword
10/18 02:32:56 ChrisWhite|Work
I'd add it myself if I wasn't ppc (not ~ppc)
10/18 02:46:17 hiyuh
wow, pquery really rocks...
[At #gentoo-dev-help too, autotools beat _masterdriverz_.]
10/18 19:30:45 _masterdriverz_
a package im writing an ebuild for says it requires libxfree86,
which is a bit ambiguous
10/18 19:31:14 _masterdriverz_
is it x11-libs/libXxf86dga, x11-libs/libXxf86misc, x11-libs/libXxf86vm
or something else?
10/18 21:20:59 hiyuh
_masterdriverz_: on my system "locate xfree86" shows no
libxfree86.{so,a}, but x11-libs/libXxf86{dga,misc,vm} are
installed. so guess you need "something else".
10/18 21:21:30 _masterdriverz_
hiyuh, i think its a debian/rpm package, but im not sure what its
gentoo name is
10/18 21:22:24 hiyuh
heh, btw what's that?
10/18 21:25:55 zzam
_masterdriverz_: it will require some libX11 and more I suspect -
if it is no very strange package
10/18 21:26:23 _masterdriverz_
hiyuh, http://vision.eng.shu.ac.uk/mediawiki-1.4.10/index.php/Mimas
10/18 21:26:41 _masterdriverz_
zzam, ok thanks, looks like ill have to test and find out :(
10/18 21:27:54 zzam
_masterdriverz_: ignore the text from readme of the package and read
the text about modular-x-porting
10/18 21:29:13 zzam
the ebuild seems to have a long list in DEPEND :)
10/18 21:29:14 _masterdriverz_
zzam, will do, but the README is less than helpful - going through
configure.in shows it has loads of dependencies that it doesn't list
in the README :(
10/18 21:29:42 _masterdriverz_
zzam, err, what ebuild?
10/18 21:30:11 zzam
the one you are writing
10/18 21:30:18 _masterdriverz_
10/18 21:31:03 _masterdriverz_
you had me worried there - im supposed to be writing some unique
ebuilds in preparation for devship (yay!), and this one's taken me
ages :(
10/18 21:40:21 hiyuh
_masterdriverz_: heh, I guess to do "grep -e -lX configure" helps.
10/18 21:40:56 _masterdriverz_
hiyuh, to be honest, i think its the least of my worries :(
10/18 21:41:26 _masterdriverz_
this package has tooo many automagic dependencies
10/18 21:41:43 _masterdriverz_
eg, just found it (might) use libdc1394, but it might not
10/18 21:42:08 hiyuh
yep, that's so-called autotools hell.
10/18 21:43:21 *
_masterdriverz_ senses a big patch for the Makefile, and a big smack
from his cluebat for the author :)
10/18 21:43:53 hiyuh
maybe, it requires libX{11,ext,mu,t,i}.
10/18 21:44:45 _masterdriverz_
hiyuh, i think its xine actually
10/18 21:44:48 _masterdriverz_
10/18 21:44:59 _masterdriverz_
why can't people come up with sane names for packages?
10/18 21:46:20 hiyuh
beacause, we like ACRONYM? :P
10/18 21:47:04 _masterdriverz_
but libxfree86 is just sooo ambiguous its stupid
10/18 21:48:18 hiyuh
couldn't help, it's just histrical relic. :P
10/18 21:48:23 zzam
you also can just build it now and analyze the linkage of the binary
10/18 21:49:08 hiyuh
yep, if you have missing ones, linker will tell some missing symbols.
10/18 21:50:10 _masterdriverz_
zzam, haven't got that far yet *sigh*
10/18 21:50:31 _masterdriverz_
i think im gonna commit suicide before i finish src_compile :(
10/18 21:50:52 zzam
hiyuh: problem is: packages are installed and silently linked against
10/18 21:52:16 _masterdriverz_
"Please report bugs to jan@wedesoft.de" :)
10/18 21:52:24 hiyuh
if so, it needs runtime testing, though.
10/18 21:53:18 _masterdriverz_
there is not _one_ single instance of ./configure checking whether
i want the option disabled or not
10/18 21:55:49 _masterdriverz_
hiyuh, zzam, either of you got an example of a decent configure
script so i can work out how to patch it correctly?
10/18 21:56:12 zzam
autoconf is crazy
10/18 22:01:24 _masterdriverz_
err, not the answer i was looking for
10/18 22:01:27 hiyuh
zzam: agreed.
10/18 22:03:51 hiyuh
_masterdriverz_: IIRC, dev-manual tells bit of autotools detail.
10/18 22:04:06 _masterdriverz_
hiyuh, thanks
10/18 22:04:10 hiyuh
そして,Windows上でMercurialのデフォルトのエディタはnotepadになりました. :P
[Default editor for Mercurial on Windows should be notepad. :P]
[PATCH] Default editor for Windows installer is now notepad. [Issue 256]
Re: [PATCH] Default editor for Windows installer is now notepad. [Issue 256]

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