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[These entries are mixed stuffs.]

先ず,gcc for PICを見付けたので,
crossdev guruなSpanKYにちょっかいを出した.
[first, I had reported gcc for PIC to SpanKY aka the crossdev guru.]
 2/28 21:06:55 hiyuh
SpanKY: around?
2/28 21:20:46 hiyuh
SpanKY: It may be a mere/useless info for you, though.
seems binutils/gcc for Microchip PIC port.
I know dev-embedded/sdcc already supports it.
but, crossdev supports Atmel AVR, PIC and AVR are simlar MPU.
So, corssdev can/will be supported it?
2/28 21:21:55 *
hiyuh couldn't understand toolchain-binutils.eclass
2/28 21:42:09 brix
PIC support in crossdev would be nice
2/28 23:44:33 SpanKY
hiyuh: is the code integrated into official binutils/gcc sources ?
2/28 23:51:52 hiyuh
SpanKY: maybe, it's unofficial one or a fork, I guess.
that's why its sources are only available from Microchip's web page.
ま,自分も既に使ってないから,放置. :P
[Hum, it didn't sound kinda like.
It's unofficial port and PIC is not popular as it is in Japan.
Anyway, I don't touch PIC now, so I'll ignore it, though. :P ]

これでArmadillo-9はembedded centricなブツになる,ハズ. :P
I would to build arm-unknown-linux-uclibc toolchain from
So, my armadilli-9 will be embedded centric by this toolchain. :P
 3/01 17:51:01 hiyuh
SpanKY or psm: around?
3/01 17:52:33 hiyuh
I had uclibc's build process failure
when use crossdev's arm-unknown-linux-uclibc,
it's odd.
3/01 17:53:28 hiyuh
see, this.
it failed non-related /etc stuff are readed.
3/01 17:54:06 hiyuh
but, on pure console. build successfully, like that.
3/01 17:54:53 hiyuh
should I file it as a bug?
3/01 17:55:41 psm
arm can't build it's locales, you have to use USE=pregen
3/01 17:56:49 psm
the locales support in ebuild is incorrect,
so you are on your own if you enabled it
3/01 17:57:43 hiyuh
um? then, why uclibc had build successfully
w/ USE="-pregen" on pure console?
I didn't change any setting, though.
3/01 17:59:30 psm
what is "pure console"?
3/01 17:59:44 hiyuh
it means no X.
3/01 18:00:21 psm
arm can't build it's locales if native/host system is uclibc
3/01 18:01:58 psm
what is /etc/wmii-2.5/extern?
3/01 18:02:21 hiyuh
it a wm config file.
3/01 18:02:56 hiyuh
3/01 18:04:58 hiyuh
so, it's completely non-related uclibc file.
I can't understand why it was readed by uclibc build process...
3/01 18:13:34 hiyuh
psm: the correction means
"if it set CTARGET=arm-*-uclibc and USE="-pregen"
on CBUILD=*-uclibc box,
crossdev will fails to build any locales.
that's why the part of its locales build in uclibc's ebuild
in portage is broken.", right?
3/01 18:15:01 psm
the ebuild is broken generally,
if you dont use pregen, independently of arch
3/01 18:15:31 hiyuh
heh, didn't know that.
3/01 18:15:45 psm
currently only mips/ppc/x86 can rebuild
on an uClibc native host the locales
3/01 18:18:05 psm
it seems that awk gets wrong for print $0
(see end of extra/locale/Makefile), getting that /etc/wmii...
3/01 18:19:00 psm
what awk do you use? gawk?
could you try mawk (change the awk link from gawk to mawk)
3/01 18:20:40 hiyuh
on X, "which awk" said /usr/bin/awk,
than "equery belongs /usr/bin/awk" said sys-apps/gawk-3.1.5
3/01 18:20:54 hiyuh
3/01 18:21:05 psm
do not reemerge, go only to extra/locale,
run make clean, make
3/01 18:21:43 psm
you have one in /bin/ as well probably
3/01 18:22:18 hiyuh
yeah, /bin/awk is.
3/01 18:22:56 psm
even pregen won't help w/ the /etc/wmii... part running on X,
the command is the same for pregen and own-locale-build
3/01 18:24:34 psm
try mawk, let's see if that gets it right,
if not the script has to corrected, I can't though,
I do not know awk enough
3/01 18:25:34 psm
az: ping
3/01 18:27:21 hiyuh
well, though, mine box is ppc, but its libc is glibc.
so, to build uclibc chroot enviromnent
for arm development is better than
to install arm's cross-compiler directly to /?
it was installed / directlty for just test, atm.
3/01 18:28:49 psm
I wouldn't do cross-compile ppc-glibc to arm-uclibc,
better if need it, ppc-uclibc chroot, there arm-cross
3/01 18:30:26 hiyuh
and then, it is a chance to try hardend? :P
3/01 18:30:46 psm
you are crazy ;)
或る意味,最高の褒め言葉だね,それは. ;)
[Yeah, it sound kinda like good word for me. ;)]
 3/01 18:31:47 az
psm: sup?
3/01 18:31:48 psm
I would build hardened only native,
cross-hardened compiling is not tested
3/01 18:33:07 psm
az: could you take a look at uClibc-0.9.28/extra/locale/Makefile?
the last line where awk is used gets instead of $0 something from X
(hiyuh can tell where that comes from, see his earlier paste)
3/01 18:33:47 az
mind pasting that bit ?
3/01 18:34:23 psm
ok, a mom
3/01 18:36:34 psm
az: http://rafb.net/paste/results/ewnB7L35.html
3/01 18:38:36 hiyuh
az, psm: well, complete uclibc's build log is.
should I paset is?
3/01 18:39:03 hiyuh
3/01 18:39:24 psm
hiyuh: where is /etc/wmii-2.5/extern occuring in your environment?
3/01 18:40:17 az
uhm, so it prints whatever until it gets to /WANT_/ ?
3/01 18:41:03 hiyuh
psm, maybe, its setting comes from ${HOME}/.wmii-2.5/wmiirc.
3/01 18:43:59 hiyuh
it's complete uclibc's build log which it failed on X.
3/01 18:44:15 az
anyhow weird way to do it
3/01 18:44:50 az
why not just:
cat uClibc_locale_data.h |
awk '{ if ( /WANT_/ ) exit ; else print }' >
3/01 18:45:52 az
which could be optimised by not using UUOC
3/01 18:46:07 az
awk '{ if ( /WANT_/ ) exit ; else print }' uClibc_locale_data.h >
3/01 18:46:54 psm
az: thanks, I will check if the resulting file is the same
3/01 18:48:42 az
problem might be that 'i' is intialized as a int,
and then set to a string later on
3/01 18:48:53 az
gawk should handle it fine, but not sure about others
3/01 18:51:01 az
hmm, maybe not .. its set to the regex evaluation
3/01 18:51:01 hiyuh
hmm, I'll re-setup my development environment
in chroot uclibc userland.
and report it if it need.
3/01 18:51:44 psm
gawk was the one failing/replacing $0 from user env
3/01 18:55:16 az
it really should not care about environment variables,
except if set via -v
3/01 18:55:29 az
anyhow, what i pasted wont work
3/01 18:55:42 az
that is to strip WANT_ ifdefs from the code
3/01 18:57:22 hiyuh
ok, I'll try to use mawk and uclibc userland, though.
like psm said,
ppc-uclibc to arm-uclibc is better than ppc-glibc to arm-uclibc,
I think, too.
3/01 18:57:52 hiyuh
az, psm: anyway, thanks. :)
3/01 18:58:19 az
can you run that manually an check on what line it barfs ?
3/01 18:59:08 psm
az: your pastes?
3/01 19:00:19 psm
the generated file is the content between ifdef/endif of
the earlier that has many #ifdef WANT_something #endif ...
3/01 19:01:59 az
generated is everything outside #ifdef WANT_something #endif
if im not mistaken
3/01 19:02:16 psm
3/01 19:02:31 az
could try to do it a bit differently by setting i explicit,
and not via using regex result:
awk 'BEGIN{ i=1 } { if ( /WANT_/ ) i = 0 ; else if (i) print $0;
if ( /endif.*WANT_/ ) i = 1 }'
3/01 19:03:39 hiyuh
"ebuild cross-arm-unknown-linux-uclibc/uclibc compile"
failed now on X.
what I take it? :P
3/01 19:04:49 az
awk: (FILENAME=- FNR=1) fatal: division by zero attempted
3/01 19:05:00 az
^^ bug in awk or maybe libc ?
3/01 19:05:08 hiyuh
今考えると笑えないな,おい. :(
[Oh, well. it's nightmare rather than not funny. :(]
 3/01 19:06:23 psm
hiyuh: you should crossdev there as well,
do you have binutils/gcc-stage1/headers already?
3/01 19:09:03 hiyuh
psm: oh, well.
so, you mean that I should unistall it, and then re-run crossdev?
3/01 19:10:17 psm
hiyuh: I do not know what you did until now:
stage3-uclibc-ppc/chroot/crossdev -s2(at least) arm-*-linux-uclibc?
3/01 19:15:07 hiyuh
psm: ah, I had run crossdev on console
for build arm-unknown-linux-uclibc.
because of ppc-glibc to arm-uclibc corssdev failed like I pasted.
so, anyway it's installed into / directly atm.
and then,
I did "ebuild cross-arm-unknown-linux-uclibc/uclibc compile"
for testing. it's not enough to test it?
3/01 19:19:56 psm
you can reuse crossdev ,
it will not rebuild binutils/gcc if they already there
3/01 19:20:16 psm
you could try az's change for extra/locale/Makefile
if it works for you
3/01 19:22:55 hiyuh
but, uclibc is alreadly installed
that's why crossdev had no error on console.
so, just re-run crossdev do nothing atm.
now, only to uninstall uclibc is required at least, wrong?
3/01 19:23:35 psm
remove the cross uclibc then and rerun crossdev
3/01 19:23:51 hiyuh
ok, I'll try that. :9
3/01 19:30:56 hiyuh
ok, I did so. then edit extra/locale/Makefile?
3/01 19:32:20 hiyuh
hmm, links-target as a target section?
3/01 19:34:26 hiyuh
well, pregen as a target has same awk script, too.
で,いきなりネットワークの調子が悪くなる. :/
[My stupid connection was dead atm. :/]
 3/01 19:50:04 hiyuh
sorry, my stupid connection. :(
3/01 19:53:00 hiyuh
psm: like this? http://rafb.net/paste/results/dEkDBK90.html
英検3級しか持ってないもんな. :P
[While it has dead connection,
2006.0 release announcement are translated by my stupid english skill.
It'll be completely re-written by GentooJP doc team, though.
Because of, I have had no TOEIC/TOEFL, I have had only SETP-3. :P]
 3/01 22:44:43 hiyuh
psm: sorry, about my network connection was dead.
btw, you have seen my diff for extra/locales/Makefile's diff at rafb?
3/01 22:46:57 psm
3/01 22:48:28 hiyuh
ok, please see this. http://rafb.net/paste/results/oNdt8S35.html
3/01 22:49:42 psm
does it work for you under X?
I have tested the output and it is ok (will check w/ mawk as well)
3/01 22:50:19 hiyuh
I haven't test it, though. :P
3/01 22:52:09 hiyuh
psm: then, "make" at the top of uclibc dir, right?
or epatch in ebuild is better?
3/01 22:59:13 psm
if using 0.9.28, then rm -f include/bits/uClibc_locale_data.h;
cd extra/locale; make
3/01 23:03:50 hiyuh
psm: thanks, I'll try that.
3/01 23:05:45 hiyuh
psm: ouch, I get same error. :(
3/01 23:07:08 psm
hiyuh: set | grep wmii ?
3/01 23:09:56 hiyuh
psm: didn't know that.
its result has three entries, wtf.
3/01 23:11:33 psm
hiyuh: why is 0 set?
that is the one catched by $0, but why only within X?
3/01 23:12:29 psm
arm is used as well,
maybe some wants to make a benefit by supporting those
3/01 23:14:25 hiyuh
psm: yeah, wmii is a bit of strage from normal wm, IMHO.
it is featuring Plan9. maybe, it cuz my uclibc build failure problem.
3/01 23:15:37 psm
Does this 0 mean display 0?
3/01 23:16:50 psm
or :x.0 maybe?
3/01 23:18:32 hiyuh
maybe, no.
/etc/wmii-2.5/extern is a 9base's rc script
which comes from utils Plan9 ports.
it controls keyboard short-cut feature or so, IMHO.
3/01 23:20:01 psm
does the wm itself set 0, or some script?
3/01 23:22:08 hiyuh
psm: maybe, configurable.
3/01 23:22:49 hiyuh
so, X might have no problem,
but my wm is wmii by default atm.
if I had build chroot uclibc userland
and when I use it in wmii by this setting,
same problem will happen, IMHO.
3/01 23:28:04 hiyuh
psm: btw, =wmii-2.5.* depends on 9base's rc script backend.
but, >=wmii-3 will not depend on it, it use *NIX sh backend, I heard.
3/01 23:29:09 hiyuh
psm: so, uclibc's Makefile does not require any change.
3/01 23:30:41 hiyuh
psm: anyway, thanks. I can understand this problem, now. :)
3/01 23:45:33 psm
az: what do you think of it,
the env has 0 set to something and Makefile/awk gets it
3/01 23:46:14 az
the $0 awk uses should have nothing to do with env variables,
except if its used in the code in the Makefile and not escaped properly
3/01 23:46:40 az
ie, in the Makefile it will be $$0 and not $0
3/01 23:47:38 *
hiyuh sees some mails
about "wmii will use sh backend instead of 9base rc script" in its ml.
it's kinda like flame war.
x11-wm/wmii-3*が必要っぽい. :(
[Now, it's clear, it cuz sys-apps/9base rc script for wmii-2.5.
Umm, I need x11-wm/wmii-3, though. :(]

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