nouveauのlive git ebuildが動いたので調子にコいてemergeしまくっていたら、
Xorgが起動しなくなるほどぶっ壊れた。 :P
[nouveau just worked, so I remerge it sometimes. It b0rk0rz my X. :P
So I asked devs at #nouveau.]
05/08 00:25:58 hiyuh
hmm, updating nouveau on my pb. it breaks my X. :p
05/08 00:38:29 marcheu
hiyuh: bisect, and then blame someone :)
05/08 00:41:17 hiyuh
zomg :)
05/08 00:44:30 hiyuh
I can't startx w/ nouveau by using the overlay atm. it seems to b0rk
at loading (or initializing) nouveau_drv.so.
05/08 00:47:50 pq
so look in Xorg's log
05/08 00:49:27 hiyuh
pq: any easy way to bisect by using the overlay's
xf86-video-nouveau? setting EGIT_blah?
05/08 00:49:54 pq
hmm... I don't that would be an easier option
05/08 00:50:41 pq
git-clone the nouveau DDX repo, build it, and make a symlink from
where the ebuild installed the driver to the hand-built drv.so
05/08 00:51:33 pq
for instance, I have
/usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/nouveau_drv.so.devel ->
05/08 00:52:01 hiyuh
ah ok.
05/08 00:52:09 pq
then I just do the link nouveau_drv.so -> nouveau_drv.so.devel when
I want to switch to the hand-built version

05/08 01:57:11 hiyuh
pq, marcheu: http://dev.gentoo.gr.jp/~hiyuh/misc/nouveau-bisect.log
05/08 01:57:52 marcheu
hiyuh: you're saying it's 52e58c7e799697989fcfbf95050ce10a4c3d1f8f ?
05/08 02:04:32 hiyuh
marcheu: I guess so.
05/08 02:05:34 pq
hiyuh, when the bisection completes, git says something like "the
first bad commit is..."
05/08 02:06:06 pq
I'm not sure how to read the bisect log
05/08 02:07:06 hiyuh
05/08 02:07:55 hiyuh
all bad rev does vomit like this.
05/08 02:09:36 pq
hm, script execution segfaults
05/08 02:09:44 pq
hiyuh, btw. please enable randr12
05/08 02:09:47 marcheu
hiyuh: I blame malc0 :)
05/08 02:10:13 hiyuh
05/08 02:12:54 hiyuh
pq: randr12 works kinda bit. but it shows me larger and bolder fonts
on gtk app.
05/08 02:12:59 hiyuh
for testing is ok, but "do enable it always" is not good for me atm.
05/08 02:13:09 marcheu
hiyuh: what are the issues with it ?
05/08 02:13:26 marcheu
hiyuh: can't you force another dpi ? AFAIK what randr12 does is
05/08 02:13:30 marcheu
or use smaller fonts..
05/08 02:15:35 hiyuh
well, I'm not good at tuning xorg.conf. I just replaced "nv" to
"nouveau". http://dev.gentoo.gr.jp/~hiyuh/misc/xorg.conf
05/08 02:16:00 marcheu
I think "nv" has incorrect dpi computation...
05/08 02:16:07 hiyuh
zomg :)
05/08 02:16:25 marcheu
the right thing to do is configure your font size in whatever app
you use
05/08 02:16:35 marcheu
or force dpi but that's pretty dirty
05/08 02:16:57 pq
you can also calculate what the true dpi is and see which one
is closer
05/08 02:17:09 marcheu
I think I've been looking at pb12 logs before (yours ?) and they
reported proper size with randr12 but not default
05/08 02:22:19 hiyuh
05/08 02:24:47 marcheu
they didn't ?
05/08 02:25:02 marcheu
the detected size should be displayed in the logs
05/08 02:27:03 hiyuh
marcheu: hmm? are you saying "show me the Xorg log w/ randr12
05/08 02:27:28 marcheu
I'm saying you should check the reported size is correct
05/08 02:27:41 marcheu
which would mean the dpi is in turn correct
05/08 02:27:46 marcheu
I don't want the logs, I'm pretty sure it is
05/08 02:30:06 hiyuh
well, how can I check whether it was correct or not?
05/08 02:30:09 hiyuh
running Xorg w/ randr12 enabled then what?
05/08 02:30:39 marcheu
the screen size is in the logs
05/08 02:36:03 hiyuh
nv sets (75, 75). w/ randr12 off, nouveau sets (75, 75). w/ randr12
on, nouveau sets (108, 144)
05/08 02:38:16 marcheu
sure, because nouveau with randr12 takes the screen size into account,
which is the correct thing to do
05/08 02:38:21 marcheu
look in the logs for the screen size
05/08 02:38:27 marcheu
you'll see that it's the right one
05/08 02:38:32 marcheu
but I'm repeating myself somehow
05/08 02:40:23 hiyuh
so, (108, 144) is correct DPI?
05/08 02:40:44 marcheu
05/08 02:41:09 marcheu
to compute the DPI, you divide the size in pixels by the size
in inches
05/08 02:41:16 marcheu
the size in pixels is the same
05/08 02:41:34 marcheu
now feel free to do the computation yourself
05/08 02:41:59 marcheu
and really I'm leaving before this stuff drives me crazy
05/08 02:42:04 pmdata
05/08 02:42:54 marcheu
and really, we're not going to fuck up dpi calculation because it
makes font too big or too small. it's up to the apps to be configured
05/08 02:42:57 marcheu
05/08 02:43:15 pq
btw. the size in inches is horizontal or vertical, not diagonal
marketing inches :-)

つーことで、git repoの方はmalc0様々がそのうち直してくれるだろうと勝手に期待して待つことにする。
randr12 onなnouveauはnvとDPIがモロ違うっぽいのでフォントはアプリ側で調整する方法で行くかな。
[So I'm waiting official fix for this b0rkage by malc0 or someone who read t3h log.
ATM, w/ randr12 on, nouveau sets different DPI from nv's (is incorrect?).
T3h way to stick nouveau w/ randr12 on, I'll set appropriated font size as the app side setting.]

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