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[Maybe, it's fault of summer vacation?]
8/15 18:18:02 Sante
Hi all
8/15 18:18:14 Sante
i am working in a fakeroot environment trying to compile something
video related (NMM)
8/15 18:18:20 Sante
it says im missing a library called ltdl
8/15 18:18:25 Sante
so i installed libtool-1.5.22
8/15 18:18:32 Sante
i am using a powerpc architecture so when i run ./configure i use
CC=ppc-gcc CXX=ppc-g++ --arch=ppc
8/15 18:18:38 Sante
then run make and make install
8/15 18:18:42 Sante
and it appears fine
8/15 18:18:48 Sante
but when i run file library it says Intel 80386
8/15 18:18:48 Sante
Sante anyone could help me as to what I am doing wrong ?
8/15 18:18:48 Sante
Sante .............. anyone awake ?
8/15 18:18:55 Sante
sorry wrong paste
8/15 18:19:16 Sante
so any1 kno anything to help me out ??
8/15 18:22:36 mmp
Sante: when the compilation starts, you see that make calls 'ppc-gcc',
or just 'gcc?
8/15 18:23:00 Sante
8/15 18:25:15 mmp
hmm, and if you do file *.o in the build directory, the files are
ppc or 386 ones?
8/15 18:25:34 *
mmp wonders how could be ppc files linked into 386 executable
8/15 18:26:12 Sante
hang on
8/15 18:28:01 Sante
the build directory, u mean the directory in which the files are
8/15 18:28:16 Sante
ie usr/local/lib?
8/15 18:30:37 jooopy
Hi, yesterday I had a problem and until today I didn't solve
it. When trying to bootstrap stage1 uclibc I get the error right
at the strat of the process: * Executing: emerge --oneshot -p -v
virtual/os-headers sys-apps/texinfo sys-devel/binutils sys-devel/gcc
virtual/libc virtual/baselayout sys-libs/zlib ------ These are the
packages that I would merge, in order: ----- Calculating dependencies
|!!! Cannot resolve a virtual p
8/15 18:32:16 mmp
Sante: where you build the sources, where are the object files
8/15 18:32:36 mmp
Sorry that I did not write it more clear...
8/15 18:35:32 Sante
the object file is POWERPC
8/15 18:37:48 jooopy
is the http://www.bulah.com/embedded-guide.html should work? Are
ppl here have experience with it?
8/15 18:37:54 hiyuh
Sante: to use more sane CHOST/CTARGET/CBUILD is worth to consider,
8/15 18:38:06 hiyuh
Sante: and then, -I$target_incdir -L$taregt_libdir could help. but
some apps'/libs' configure script sucks x-compile.
8/15 18:38:24 jooopy
I also have something I don't understand
8/15 18:38:41 *
theBear doesn't understand many things
8/15 18:39:12 jooopy
If I run on the host system : ROOT="/tmp/minime" USE="make-symlinks"
emerge uclibc busybox baselayout-lite dropbear
8/15 18:39:36 jooopy
This should make an image, or I need more steps?
8/15 18:40:09 hiyuh
jooopy: nope, virtual/* will be provided by installed packages,
IIRC. don't emerge explicitly these virutal stuffs.
8/15 18:40:14 Sante
8/15 18:40:50 Sante
what do u mean by CHOST/CTARTGET/CBUILD
8/15 18:41:22 jooopy
hiyuh: How do I know what are the virtual stuffs?
8/15 18:41:38 theBear
the category is virtual/
8/15 18:41:39 jooopy
hiyuh: I just ran ./bootstrap
8/15 18:42:34 jooopy
hiyuh: should I block libiconv in /etc/portage/packages.mask ?
8/15 18:43:12 hiyuh
jooopy: the sources always with you. :P
8/15 18:43:43 Sante
hiyuh: i dont understand the CHOST stuff, and what u wrote next
8/15 18:44:44 hiyuh
jooopy: sound like you're trying to build from stage1?
8/15 18:45:26 jooopy
hiyuh: yep, but I don't realy have to. I just follow
8/15 18:45:38 jooopy
hiyuh: Should I start from stage 3?
8/15 18:46:17 jooopy
hiyuh: can you refer me to a good howto ?
8/15 18:47:54 hiyuh
jooopy: first of all, see the
topic. http://arcanux.org/guidexml/cross-development.html
8/15 18:48:30 jooopy
8/15 18:49:25 hiyuh
Sante: you should read env-ver section in this documents.
8/15 18:49:48 Sante
8/15 18:49:55 Sante
ehmm which documents?
8/15 18:50:00 Sante
http://arcanux.org/guidexml/cross-development.html ?
8/15 18:50:05 hiyuh
8/15 18:50:25 Sante
im not using gentoo btw
8/15 18:50:30 Sante
but ill have a look
8/15 18:53:20 hiyuh
Sante: except some commands in this document, these info are common
knowledge of x-development, IMHO.
8/15 18:54:49 Sante
8/15 18:55:09 Sante
i still dont really get my problem, i mean it appears to be compiling
8/15 18:55:26 Sante
can i show u the ./config and make dumps ? maybe u can help me out
8/15 18:57:37 hiyuh
Sante: of cource, you can show us. but I cann't bet you expext. :P
8/15 18:58:08 hiyuh
8/15 18:58:12 Sante
8/15 18:59:05 Sante
8/15 18:59:08 Sante
thats configure
8/15 18:59:39 Sante
and make
8/15 18:59:40 Sante
8/15 19:04:15 Sante
any idea ?
8/15 19:08:07 hiyuh
Sante: hmm? it looks libtool installing is ok. then, you mean you
couldn't link target libs?
8/15 19:15:35 Sante
i mean
8/15 19:15:49 Sante
when i try to compile my app it says ltdl not found
8/15 19:21:46 hiyuh
hmm? so, ltdl is "libltdl.{a,so}" as your target lib?
8/15 19:29:31 hiyuh
Sante: FYI, this is "locate ltdl" result of my ~ppc gentoo (but
notice, only self compilation tools was installed).
8/15 19:30:02 hiyuh
8/15 19:30:25 hiyuh
So, if your apps need to link libltdl.{so,a}, you should do like that.
8/15 19:30:38 hiyuh
1) compile it with "-I$inc_dir", $inc_dir is where target's ltdl.h is.
8/15 19:30:41 hiyuh
2) link it with "-L$lib_dir -lltdl", $lib_dir is where libltdl.{so,a}
8/15 19:31:24 hiyuh
maybe, you should check step 2), IMHO.
8/15 19:48:44 Sante
8/15 19:48:56 Sante
at what step do I link with -L$lib_dir -lltdl"
8/15 19:48:57 Sante
8/15 19:49:23 Sante
and i dont have libltdl.so
8/15 19:49:49 Sante
only .a
8/15 19:50:00 Sante
when i compile with standard gcc i get the .so aswell
8/15 19:50:07 Sante
hiyuh: is that normal ?
8/15 20:33:35 hiyuh
Sante: *.a is an "ar archive" for static link. *.so is "shared object"
for dynamic link... if you specfied to build only "ar archive"
or your x-compiler can only build static ones, it is normal.
8/15 20:34:27 Sante
ah ok
8/15 20:34:37 Sante
then my compiler can only do static ones
8/15 20:35:05 Sante
but why does my app complain that ltdl is not installed then ?
8/15 20:40:22 hiyuh
Sante: nope, it may be not your apps' fault. to link is to working
of linker as a part of toolchain...
8/15 20:40:35 Sante
hmm ok
8/15 20:40:37 hiyuh
in static link case, libltdl.a should be linked when it was build,
and it's in $lib_dir was specfied -L option. and then you need
-static as well.
8/15 20:40:50 Sante
hang on
8/15 20:40:52 Sante
where do i do this ?
8/15 20:42:47 hiyuh
sane fixing is poking *.{in,am,ac} or so. otherwise, poking Makefile
or manually link it where it failed, IMHO.
8/15 20:43:27 Mimil
hi all
8/15 20:44:07 Sante
8/15 20:44:08 Sante
8/15 20:44:28 Sante
8/15 20:44:58 hiyuh
教訓: マニュアルとドキュメントを読みましょう. :P
[L: Do read the fine manuals/documents. :P]

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